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MAE & Company is dedicated to trading of several types of products in the field of brass, bronze and various types of metal components that provide optimum performance in the manufacturing process for applications as PPR pipes, water taps and more.

We aim to assist our customers efficiently and effectively through trading solutions in a transparent, quick, reliable method all along with top notch quality products at reasonable prices. Our owned factories in Italy have the capability to produce the tiniest brass components to the most enormous brass fittings that satisfy different business needs.



Our vision is to be the leading top notch supplier of brass components for various applications in Africa & Middle East. Our promise to provide high quality products at affordable prices is our first strategic priority.



MAE & Co. for Trade agencies is the leading Business to Business agency for world International owned brands in Egypt. The organization started in 2008 and now deals with more than 50 of the top leading manufacturers and brands in the MENA region. Each Strategic business unit in MAE & Co is responsible for the entire scope of activity from forecasting to the final sale of products.



MAE & Company has been in the market for 6 years which makes the company the top leading in the industry. 

Our core values and competency as an ethical firm lies in four quadrants:

1- Managing execution efficiently and effectively to get things done

2- Solving problem through integrating different prices from diverse resources to ensure we provide the best price of components from our various factories in Italy

3- Strategizing and thinking critically as well as anticipating long term challenges and trends and translating them into practical applications

4- Effective Communication through listening attentively to the buyers concerns and claims

5- Maximize productivity and identifying ways to streamline and improve efficiency of work

6- We drive for optimum results as your success is our business



“Just after our first meetings I got positively surprised by the level of knowledge of MAE & Company Team about business and marketing. They have the capacity to understand in few words your needs and to focus immediately on the critical topics. Now our cooperation is well set up. Although I had a concern of budgeting a lot of money to start new business in Egypt, MAE & Company has definitely helped to increase my revenue from fiscal year 2009 with a reasonable price. With our market picking up after the US financial crisis manipulated the economy that had ripple effects”

Roberto Passerini

Owner, TAG Italia

“The company is quick at responding and well detailed, They are also cost effective and understands the research work very well. Their work is impressive from the start and very keen in following up information. i find the company to be very professional and would continue working with them in any other projects”

Wanjiku Gacuru

Business Consultant, Shoreward Consulting

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