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Market in Egypt


"Everytime we make a decision of penetrating the egyptian we get scared because of the current political and economic situation, what shall you advise us?"

Our advises for opening new market in Egypt


We advise you to do a compelete analysis and scanning to the market you are willing to penerate thus knowing that Egypt is a fluctuated - economy country, it's highly recommended to do a Socio cultural, Political Legal, Technological, Ecological and Economical analysis. This will be given to your by one of our consultants during your dealings in Egypt or the MENA region in general. Please ask for it during your business deals. This will help you win the best deal with a high success profit margins.


What could you do for me as service?


We help you understand the market you are about to penetrate through serious of free orientations and seminars. Afterwards you are entitled with live help and series of references on how to perfectly win your deals in Egypt. We provide you updates on important sectors that directly affect your business through political and legal analysis (GDP interests, Banks in Egypt, etc..)


Do you think my products have a chance of market share in Egypt of the Middle East as a whole?


Through our trade analysis tool that are updated from the Ministery of Trade and industries in Egypt, we Understand what are the top products for imports and exports in Egypt hence we will be able to assist you of the potentiality of selling your products in Egypt rather than investing huge amount of money on products that might not be of need to this Market.



How can we start working together?


We work in a different way than normal International trade companies or agents. We remain your representative office for a period of a time (maximum of one year) to test your capabilities as supplier, industry growth and market reaction to your products as well as our cooperation with you. Feeling mutually comfortable is a key factor to our cooperation to continue. When you start to contact us or we initiated a sort of contact with you means you have been pre-selected for our services, after series of communication we sign a contract and start our sales activity of selling your product in the MENA region.


What is my guarantee that after we deal, we will be able to reach our target sales in a year?


During our preselection meetings, we will be discussing your target annual sales as well as historic data of similar products sales in Egypt (or designated country in the MENA region) consequently we decide if the figure is realistic we commence our cooperation for one year as a test.



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