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But how can you help me?

Our job is mainly to ensure you expand your business deals in the Middle East hence increase your market in sales and marketing coverage

Our consultants
How we work

Our team is composed of several consultants that help you out through your deals in the Middle East market, they are all well educated and speaks more than one language (English, Arabic and other european and sub arabic languages) who will easily support your demands and penetrating the market very easy. Each consultant develop and maintain strong relationship

We reach out to vendors with certain aspects that matches our "Vendor Selection Criteria VSC" as well as meet the market needs in the MENA region. We discuss serious of deals hence build our cooperation

our distinctive competence
Why do you need us?

We are not only Trade consultants, we also provide you with all the analysis and information you need in order to make he best deals in the MENA region. We also have access to important data which will help you make better decisions during your business discussions 

Can you understand all cultures? we believe business deals requires a high understanding between cultures and traditions. We help minimize this gap. We also help during your stay in the designated countries in MENA region and assist you in all aspects to reach your deals in a comfortable manner

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